happenings.mke is a database focused on serving the Milwaukee arts scene, with heavy focus on the diy music scene, by providing a centralized calendar of shows and events, providing articles highlighting various aspects of the Milwaukee diy scene, and providing a space to archive photos and recordings. As time progresses, this database will evolve to include additional resources and services based on the feedback of the Milwaukee community, specifically, you the readers.

happenings.mke is completely non-profit. While it is enticing to ask for donations to aid in the operation of this website, the members of happenings.mke would rather have you all use any considered donations to support the local musicians of Milwaukee through purchasing music, merchandise, and/or admission to shows.

the humans of happenings.mke

Matt Glassel, curator of happenings.mke

In addition to coordinating happenings.mke, Matt runs the diy space “Nausicaa” and dj’ing under the moniker deejay freshwater.

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