New Music :: March 2019

Milwaukee music is happening beneath your nose. Sometimes it catches your eye by way of larger media; chances are there is music that slips under your radar. The sad fact of the matter is that there is music that happens on these streets that does not have the luxury of getting a spotlight, and therefore slips behind your peripheral. So we here at happeningsmke are going to try and pick up that slack and dose you with tunes that may have already gotten that spotlight, but more importantly give you access to music that you may not be have noticed hit the 010101 waves of the internet /// click the aingle/EP/album titles below and be transported to a new webpage of music for you to peruse and enjoy. #OneMilwaukeeOneVision


Astral Hand - "Universe Machine"
Caley Conway - "Cold Hymn"
Fuzzy Surf - “Denny
Large Print - "Suzy
LUXI - "Alive
Mites - “Lamb Chowder
r05ary - "Black Velvet"
Saebra & Carlyle - "1234
Soda Road - "Arms/Station Wagon"
Zed Kenzo - "Type


The bbys - "the sauce"
Cashfire Sunset - "Mars Bank"   
Cream Vellum - "Venus Rx Rx"
Holy Pinto - "Adult"
Josh Evert - "good morning everyone, can you hear me"
Lady Cannon - "Fortune's Darling"
Myrrh - “Devoid Labyrith
Sleepy Gaucho - "Another Time"
The Smudge - "Freeze Dried Sports
Stresses - "Signal Chain
Tarek Sabbar - "Water Creatures
Vinz Clortho - "Fool's Paradise

While this “new music” post is published well into April, we’ve already got the list of new music for this month going, and you can expect that to be posted right at the turn of the month. Cheers!