New Music :: April 2019

New Music :: April 2019

It was a busy spring awakening for Milwaukee ~ a deluge of new music has bloomed from the thawing ground of the city and now is the time to prep those eardrums and sift through all the new tunes. Listen to the wide variety of releases below by clinking on the release title.


Arbors & Jaws - “Scattered
CRLSS - “cherry trees” / “i never went to texas with you
Dad - “Big Dank Hank
Dirty Dancing - “Winning” b/t “The Carrot and The Stick
Forget Me Not - “off and on” & “please leave a message
Fuzzy Surf - “Please Please Me Too
Garden Home - “Let Go
Hideous Replica - collection of songs
Mites - “Space Creep” & “Emo Song
Peshtigo - “Hang Tough
Pineapple Migraine - “Green Umbrella
The Old Prospectors - “Quasiguana
The Smudge - “Let’s Have a War
Tinyhands - “shut up and drink your beer


Bazzle - “Bazzle
Caley Conway - “Surrounded Middle
Cullah - “Spectacullah
Fetch The Pliers - “Shut it Down, Turn it Off, Keep it to Yourself
Frenia - “AH” & “OH
Limber Brain - “Pathways
LUXI - “Songs to Let Go Of
Nicholas Elert - “Speculative Fiction
Retoro - “Retoro
Resurrectionists - “Rough” & “What Comes In
Rose of The West - “Rose of the West” (listen on spotify, not hyperlinked)
Vectors of Resonant Prescients - “Cold Comfort
Video Dead - “EP One
Zed Kenzo - “Baby Swag

Did you release music that is not on the list above? Feel free to let us know by heading to the Contact page, or emailing us at