New Music :: May 2019


Cashfire Sunset - "Disconnect" / "Western Movie Halo"
Fellow Kinsman - "Joysick"
Haunter - "Girls' Night Out"
LIFES - "Unsedated Suffocation"


Anti-Vaz - "Pro-Vax"
Blue unit - "Blue Unit"
Credentials - "Demo Recordings // 2019"
CRLSS - "Heroine Swoon"
Dirty Dancing - “That For This
Fuzzysurf - "Fuzzy & The Surfs"
Garden Home - "Disposable"
IfIHadAHiFi - “We're Never Going Home
Large Print - "End Scenery"
Lifetime Achievement Award - "the music is a curse! emotions are a burden!"
Live Tetherball Tonight - "inbetween"
Loopless - "The VCR" [Live]
Marielle Allschwang - "VISITATIONS IV"
Phoned Nil Trio - "Horrible Names for Children"
Shle Berry - "Tampons"
The Smudge - "I'm Livin Every Single Day"
Supertenticles - "Supertenticles"
Tinyhands - “Who Said You Could Touch My Dog"

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