Artist Spotlight :: BEACH BURIAL

Fingers frantically flowing across the fretboard. Arms manically bouncing between drum heads and cymbals. That is the flair of math rock group BEACH BURIAL - the dynamic duo consisting of Eliot Hess on drums and Tom Olwig on guitar/vocals. The band has been playing around Milwaukee the last several years with their sound straddling the line between swooning melodies and organized chaos on the verge of (but not) unraveling. If you grace your ears with their music, it is the sporadic nature of the songs which pushes you to the edge of your seat, and keeps you there.

The follow-up to Beach Burial’s 2017 debut release, “I/II”, is a 13-track album entitled “Dog Years”, and will be released on July 19th. They will be having an album release show at Cactus Club (see below), followed by an east coast tour.

Listen to the Beach Burial => HERE

Associated Acts: Arbors & Jaws, Loopless, Nuclear Family, Opia

Upcoming Shows:
June 25th ~ Cactus Club ~ with WAVELESS + Operations
June 30th ~ Quarters Rock n Roll Palace ~ with LIFES + Tummyache
July 19th ~ Cactus Club ~ Album Release Show with Snag + Opia

Written by Matt Glassel.
The artist spotlight was originally published in the June 2019 issue of the happenings.mke zine.