The establishments featured below host live music on a consistent basis and are 21+ unless noted - any establishment with environments/staff that do not foster a safe space for everyone will not be mentioned below.


Circle A
Company Brewing
Bremen Cafe
High Dive
Linneman’s Riverwest Inn
Jazz Gallery & Center for the Arts (all ages)
Quarters Rock n Roll Palace


Cactus Club
Club Girabaldi’s
Tonic Tavern


The Jazz Estate

Walker’s Point

Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.
Walker’s Point Music Hall

Greater Milwaukee Area

The New State (all ages)
X-Ray Arcade (all ages)

DIY Spaces

Downer House (Eastside)
Fat Charlies (Eastside)
Gold in the Fridge (St. Francis)
Ground Zero (Harambe)
JJ’s Bar & Grill (Franklin) :: affiliated with the Basement Collective
The Murray Attic (Eastside)
Nausicaa (Riverwest)
The 808 House (Riverwest)