Nausicaa is a subterranean creative music space based out of the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee hosting live music and other forms of expression and art. Enter your contact information below in order to receive upcoming dates and event location information. While event dates and lineups will be posted in advance, event locations will only be sent out day-of by text message and email. We appreciate your interest & cooperation.  #OneMilwaukeeOneVision



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Past Events:

08-11-19 :: Stephen Chistensen (CT)// Eli Smith// The Smudge
08-08-19 :: Skuz (nj)// LIFES// Paralyze// The.Hollowform
07-27-19 :: RW24 Bonus Checkpoint :: Cream Vellum// Beach Burial
07-22-19 :: Professor Fuzz ‘63 (tx)// Garbage Man// Slush
07-18-19 :: Haunter (album release)// Large Print (tour kickoff!)// So Zuppy
07-14-19 :: niiice. (mpls)// Taking Meds (ny)// Action Jelly
07-12-19 :: Alright (NC)// Divine Crush// Vanity Plates
06-05-19 :: Painting with Statues (CA)// Clutterpiles (ND)// Eliot Hess// Mites
05-20-19 :: Good Morning Midnight (iowa city)// Limber Brain// Sandor
05-16-19 :: Wild Firth (mpls)// Operations// *1996*// Nick Elert
05-03-19 :: Yipee! (phx)// Neutral Shirt (san diego)// Vanity Plates// DaveKevinAdam
04-24-19 :: Science Man (buffalo, ny)// The Smudge// Reaches (nyc)
04-05-19 :: There Are No Thieves in this Town (ny)// Johnnie Baker (ny)// Apollo Vermouth// So Zuppy
03-21-19 :: gash (eau claire)// divine crush// large print// Arbors and Jaws
03-10-19 :: The Resource Network (indiana)// Habitat for Insanity// Gangstalker
03-02-19 :: Bella Larson & the Scene Kids (duluth, mn)// Mugshot Davin (duluth, mn)// BUFFALO•WHISPERER
02-27-19 :: microgreens (mpls)// Tarek Sabber// Phoned Nil Trio
02-22-19 :: D.Janakey (eau claire)// cairns// Yum Yum Cult (solo)
01-29-19 :: Garbage Man (sheboygan)// Automated Terror Machine (appleton)// tummyache// the women
01-16-19 :: So Zuppy// Fiona Blue// R05ary
12-23-18 :: Bl_ank (nashville)// Loopless// Eli Smith
11-17-18 :: Pale Tongue (kansas)//The Golden Fleece (IL)//Beach Burial
11-10-18 :: Dashcam// P•E•S•H•T•I•G•O// MFML
11-02-18 :: Momma’s Boy (kansas city)// Beach Static
10-31-18 :: Screening of “KUSO”, directed by Steve Ellison (aka Flying Lotus)
10-24-18 :: Cullah// *1996*// CRLSS


08-13-19 :: we are a break for a couple of weeks until the next string of shows ensues at the turn of September.

Please send all show inquiries to nausicaamke@gmail.com

Upcoming Event:

Date: 08-29-19
Time: 7:00pm
Jason McCue (Seattle)
No Show Cadillac

Date: 09-14-19
Time: 7:00pm
Animal Actor (mpls)
Lifetime Achievement Award

Date: 09-19-19
Time: 7:00pm
Ankle Pop (AK)

Date: 09-24-19
Time: 7:00pm
Suck City (kzoo-mi)
Choral Reef (grand rapids-mi)
Soup Moat
Jab Jugular

Date: 10-12-19
Time: 7:00pm

Date: 10-20-19
Time: 7:00pm
Miloe (mpls)
Nasty Boys

Date: 11-01-19
Time: 7:00pm
Harper’s Jar (mpls)
Gramma (mpls)
Gash (eau claire)
Open Bar Funeral

Additional Content:

[Interview] Breaking & Entering interview with Haunter after their 07/18/19 album release at Nausicaa (Read Here)
[Interview] Breaking & Entering interview with Vanity Plates after the 05/03/19 show at Nausicaa (Read Here)
[Interview] Breaking & Entering interview with Apollo Vermouth after the 04/05/19 show at Nausicaa (Read Here)
[Audio] In The Field Episode 179, featuring recordings of Tarek Sabbar [Listen] & microgreens [Listen] at Nausicaa
[Audio] Phoned Nil Trio Live at Nausicaa 02/27/19